First Aid Merit Badge Worksheet Pdf

First Aid Merit Badge Worksheet

Badge Name: First Aid


  1. Explain what first aid is and how it could save a life.
  2. Describe the first aid actions you would take for the following situations: choking, bleeding, shock, burns, and fractures.
  3. Create a personal first aid kit and explain the items in it.


  1. Introduction to First Aid:
    • Definition of First Aid: _______________________
    • Importance of First Aid: ______________________
  2. First Aid Actions for Specific Situations:
    • Choking: ___________________________________
    • Bleeding: ___________________________________
    • Shock: _____________________________________
    • Burns: ______________________________________
    • Fractures: __________________________________
  3. Personal First Aid Kit:
    • List of Items in Kit: _________________________
    • Explanation of Each Item: ____________________

Feel free to modify and expand these worksheets to match the specific requirements and topics of the merit badges you’re working on. Additionally, you can add sections for research, diagrams, and any other elements that would enhance the learning experience for the badge.

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